Holy Land 2014

June 2014

Jun 30

June 30th - Day 8

We spent this morning visiting some of the projects supported by the profit generated by Pilgrimage People who organized our pilgrimage. First we visited the Holy Family Orphanage in Bethlehem. The orphanage is run by The Daughters Of Charity and is the only institution in Palestine for children who have been abandoned or orphaned. The children...
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Jun 29

June 29th - Day 7

Our morning began with an early breakfast so that we could start our journey further into the West Bank to the village of Jifna. The town is 55% Christian and 45% Muslim and the two communities have lived happily together for many years as in the rest of this land. The Catholic Parish is called St Joseph's and we were given a very warm welcome...
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Jun 28

June 28th - Day 6

What an incredible day! We have spent the whole day in Jerusalem retracing the steps of Jesus from Palm Sunday until the resurrection on Easter Sunday. We visited the Mount Of Olives starting at Pater Noster church. Underneath the church is a cave where Jesus used to stay and it is here that he taught the disciples the Our...
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Jun 27

June 27th - Day 5

Hello from a sunny and hot Bethlehem. We have had an amazing day again starting with a visit to the church of the Nativity early this morning. The church is the oldest church in the world dating from the 4th century. As we enter each holy site our guide Anis who is a Palestinian Christian guide tells us about the history of the place and...
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Jun 26

June 26th - Day 4

 Sadly we had to say goodbye to the Mount of Beatitudes this morning after a beautiful mass outside overlooking the Sea of Galilee. We journeyed South leaving the lush green of the Galilee region traveling into the desert towards Jericho which being ten thousand years old is the oldest city in the world, We stopped at the original...
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Jun 25

June 25th - Day 3

Hello again from the shores of Lake Galilee where the day began early again for some of us who got up early to watch the sunrise over the lake. It was so peaceful early in the morning listening to the sounds of the birds singing.  As the sun rose some fishermen were sailing on the lake below us and we could hear their voices so clearly...
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Jun 24

June 24th - Day 2

  The day began early for some who woke to see the sun rise over the Sea of Galilee. We are staying at The Mount of Beatitudes guesthouse which is a beautiful building located on the high ground around the Sea of Galilee . After breakfast we set off to have mass on the shores of the lake. The Sea of Galilee is actually a lake which...
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Jun 23

June 23rd - Day 1

All arrived safely after a long flight. Thank you for all your prayers for safe travel. Arrived as sun was setting over the Sea of Galilee. All going to sleep ready for a busy day tomorrow.
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Jun 18

Preparing for our pilgrimage

The group of pilgrims from St. Paul Parish are getting ready to leave. We hope you are going to enjoy reading this blog. Please feel free to share and know that family, friends, and parishoners are in our prayers. Today we received a message from the Holy Land to say that the weather is beautiful and is forecast to be the same while we are...
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