Catholic Men's Fellowship Group

St. John-St. Paul Collaborative

Who Are We?  What Do We Discuss?  What is the Commitment?  How Do I  Join?

The St. Paul Catholic Men’s Fellowship Group is an adult faith formation group organized in 2004.  Participants desire to learn more about our Faith and connect it to their living experiences.  Meetings take place around selected books and readings.  There is open discussion in a friendly, prayerful way.  We look at scriptural selections and readings, lives of the saints, investigation and discussion of Church issues, Papal encyclicals and Church history, etc.

We meet twice a month in the St. Paul Parish Hall (behind the Rectory at 502 Washington St. in Wellesley) from the fall to the beginning of summer.  The Wednesday night meetings begin at 7:30 PM and usually last one hour.  

Whether introvert or extrovert, participants assimilate easily and participate at their own pace and comfort level.  One can attend a meeting and simply observe and listen.  As in any new group people become more comfortable as they get to know each other.  The group is for men interested in continuing their faith journey in a meaningful way.  We are from all walks of life with many experiences to share.  It is also an opportunity to discuss modern culture in light of our Catholic tradition.

Our success is:

1.     We pray.   This is the Holy Spirit’s group not ours!

2.     We learn and grow in our Faith

3.     We make friends and build friendships

What Do You Get Out of It?   

Come and find out!  We cordially invite all men of the St. John-St. Paul Collaborative to come and participate.  

To find out more contact: Tory DeFazio – 781-235-0265; 
Bob Murphy – 781-237-6761; Joe Cavanaugh – 781-237-0759, or contact the Parish Office at 781-235-1060.


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