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The St. John and St. Paul parishes will be joined in a Collaborative under a plan developed by the Archdiocesan Office of Pastoral Planning.  Our Collaborative will be formally launched in the summer of 2015.  This section of the bulletin is dedicated to parishioners' questions about the Collaborative.  Please send your questions or comments to stjohn.stpaul@gmail.com



The Mission Statement Of Saint Paul Parish

We are a community of faith bound together by liturgical worship.  The importance of worship at Mass is demonstrated by the active participation of our parishioners who strive for meaningful and moving Liturgical celebrations.  As a family in Christ, we give support to our members and an opportunity to grow spiritually and intellectually.

Established in 1922, St. Paul's is a medium sized parish located in the Town of Wellesley, a suburb west of Boston.  The present population is made up of life-long residents combined with a growing number of young families, as well as representatives from local colleges and schools.  The parish facilities include the school, parish hall and rectory.


Dear Parishioners,

We welcome Father Benedict Tinka, SMA to St. Paul's for the summer. A native of Nigeria, Father serves in, Afran Plains, Ghana. For over a dozen summers St. Paul's has enjoyed having members of the Society of African Missions spend time with us. It enables us to learn much about the Church in the priest's home country and reminds us of the universality of our faith. 

As I write these words we've just returned from our parish pilgrimage to the Holy Land. It was emotionally and spiritually rewarding, and at times overwhelming. We celebrated Mass, we prayed and we visited some of the most significant places in Jesus' life, public ministry, Passion and Resurrection.  Our group, primarily composed of St. Paul parishioners aged 11 to "no comment," was also joined by a couple of families from England. The link was Father Paul Maddison, a priest of the Diocese of East Anglia (U.K.), who is very involved with Pilgrimage People. (He is the brother of Anne Mears.) Two trips to the Holy Land hardly make me an expert but I can't say enough about the way Father Paul connected us to vibrant and enduring Christian communities. Despite all that they have endured, Christians have been living and passing on the Gospel of Jesus Christ since the time he himself proclaimed it! Anyone interested in making a pilgrimage should check out their website, www.pilgrimagepeople.org. Please also feel free to ask any of us about our experience. I'm sure St. Paul’s and Pilgrimage People will organize another pilgrimage in the near future.

While it may at first sound contradictory, our close-knit group of 32 had a lot of fun! However, we couldn't help but find ourselves greatly disturbed by the hardships that daily confront the Palestinian people. The security wall is imposing, intimidating and inconvenient. During its construction homes, businesses and neighborhoods were destroyed. For us as pilgrims, with an experienced guide and driver, it was relatively easy to pass the through the many security checkpoints. Residents are not so lucky. We met students at Bethlehem University, founded and operated by the De La Salle Christian Brothers, whose daily routine includes inconvenience and humiliation as they enter and exit the West Bank. While they maintain hope for the future they asked to us to share their plight and pray for justice upon our return.

As  well as bringing people to the holiest of places, by definition a pilgrimage also creates a bond among participants. Soon, our group will share images of our visits to sacred places and the impressions formed visiting a hospital, an orphanage, the aforementioned Bethlehem University and St. Joseph’s, a parish in the West Bank Village of Jifna. Many of you have already seen the blog that contained daily reports and photos from the Holy Land. It is still accessible via a link on the parish website.

Father Rafferty





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Sunday Masses:

Saturday Evenings: 4:00 p.m.

Sunday Mornings: 7:30 a.m; 9:00 a.m; 11:00 a.m.

The 9:00 a.m. is our "Family Mass". It is geared toward our young people of the parish, but all are welcome to attend.

Weekday Masses:

Monday-Friday: 6:45 a.m; 9:00 a.m.

Saturday: 9:00 a.m.


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